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4x4 sing Nggegirisi Jeep Wrangler Prestige

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Nganyari wektu: 2021-09-29 15:05:23
4x4 sing ngetrapake lan narik kawigaten sing ditampilake ing gambar diarani Jeep Wrangler Prestige Intimidator and is one of the creations of Voltron Motors, a preparer from Texas (United States). It is a package of modifications available for the Jeep off-road vehicle, although you can also buy the complete car directly, for which they ask $ 59,900, the equivalent of about 56,000 euros.

If you find the standard Jeep Wrangler too discreet, maybe this car is for you. It is called Jeep Wrangler Prestige Intimidator and it is one of the creations of Voltron Motors, a preparer from Texas (United States) that specializes exclusively in a single car model, guess which one? Yes, in the iconic Jeep off-road vehicle, for which they offer a multitude of modification packages and of which they also sell already completed units, such as the one featured in the article.

iki Wrangler Prestige Intimidator looks stunning in white. Compared to the model from which it is derived, this Wrangler presents a multitude of differences. For example, it incorporates a lifting kit for the suspensions and the bodywork signed by Pro Comp, metal front and rear bumpers that improve the angles of attack and departure, some Fox Racing springs and shock-absorbers or some side skirts with which to protect the body from possible blows and that also serve as a fulcrum for the Hi-Lift type jack. You can see everything in detail in the image gallery.

Of course, there is no shortage of huge 20-inch alloy wheels shod with gigantic 37-inch diameter Nitto Trail Grappler off-road tires (like those on a Hummer H1) or a more aggressive-looking hood. The changes to the exterior are completed with a bar that runs along the frame of the windshield and on which sits a lighting system made up of a large number of high-power Jeep Wrangler dipimpin lampu. And in the cabin, this Jeep Wrangler modified by Voltron Motors has not stayed the same either.

There is a blue leather upholstery with contrasting white accents, a reverse color combination to what it looks like on its bodywork. On the dashboard, they have painted the decorative moldings blue and installed a multimedia system compatible with Apple CarPlay and featuring a multitude of Alpine speakers. This specific example of Jeep Wrangler Prestige Intimidator is for sale on eBay, where it is priced at $ 59,900, the equivalent of about 56,000 euros. You can see the ad by clicking here. 
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